I Revisited My Honey Whole Wheat Sourdough Recipe


I just couldn’t help myself this week.

I had so much fun revisiting my crusty sourdough cottage bread recipe last week, that I just had to go and do it again. This time I took my old honey whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread recipe and transformed it to be softer and fluffier than ever before.

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

honey whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread

Yeah, you know it does.

When I was younger, I actually didn’t like whole wheat bread that much because it often had a dry, coarse texture. Now, I can make cloud-soft wheat bread, and I can eat most of the loaf all by myself. The honey and the sourdough flavors balance each other nicely, and the earthy whole wheat flavor just gives the bread a homey, wholesome taste.

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Did You Try It?

If you do try one of my recipes, would you let me know? I love hearing from my readers, so drop me a comment or give me a few stars if you like the recipe. If you don’t like the recipe, what do you think would make it better? I have so much fun revisiting old recipes that I don’t mind tweaking things until they’re just right.