My Cat Is My Muse

I’ve been sick all week.

Oh don’t worry – it hasn’t been anything too serious. Just the usual sore throat, cough, sinus headache kind of cold.

And no, it isn’t COVID-19. I haven’t had a fever or any difficulty breathing. Seriously, you shouldn’t worry.

However, it has been kicking my butt around. I just haven’t had the energy to go on my usual adventures around my neighborhood or draw something fun or try something new.

So this week, I spent a few minutes taking pictures of my cat, Paddy.

paddy cat photo by jennibee Photography

Just look at the love in those eyes. He’s really good at snuggling on my chest and purring loudly whenever I pick him up.

Of course, he hates having his feet touched, and he usually tries to scamper away whenever I do pick him up. But we have an understanding.

Anyways, I thought I’d share some pictures of Paddy for you to enjoy. Hopefully, I have more exciting news for you later.


If I’m not feeling sick.

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