My Little Garden Has Sprouted

I live in a Townhouse that has a teeny tiny backyard. I have no control over the sprinklers (which I find frustrating because they turn on at the strangest times). I have to keep my gate unlocked so the maintenance crew can trim the grass, and I can’t keep anything expensive or fun back there because I’m worried that someone will walk in and take it.

I can, however, grow a little garden.

My wonderful husband bought me this garden planter two years ago, and I grew some amazing tomatoes with it last year.

Here’s a little peek at what I’m growing this year.

Inside the Planter Box

tomato sprouts

My planter has three slots for growing things. Since the tomatoes I grew last year were such a hit, I decided that I would try two different kinds of tomatoes in the first two slots: Rutgers Tomatoes and Better Boy Hybrid Tomatoes. I’ve already forgotten which seeds I planted in which slot.

red bell pepper sprout

On the far right slot, however, I decided to try something new. This year, I’m going to try growing some sweet red bell peppers. They took a bit longer to sprout, but it looks like they’re coming in strong.

In the Pots Beneath It

wildflower sprouts

Last year I tried to grow quite a few interesting things in the pots beneath my planter. However, I didn’t account for the fact that those pots get watered by the sprinklers, so they got a bit overwatered. I also forgot that those plants don’t see as much sunshine as the plants in my garden box, as they sit in the shade of the fence and the planter.

As a result, my carrots, green onions, and herbs didn’t grow. I did somehow manage to grow a single green bean and a single tomato plant. So I’m not giving up on the pots this year.

wildflower sprouts

Instead of planting food and hoping for the best, I specifically chose a local wildflower blend that likes the shade. They’re sprouting beautifully, and I’m really excited to see if they actually flower. I’d love to help our local bee population if I can.

In the Big Pot

onion sprouts

And last, I have my experimental plant. This pot is big enough to grow something good, and it gets more sunshine than the pots underneath my planter. It tends to get watered by the sprinklers a bit, too, so I’m not sure how things are going to turn out.

On a whim, I decided to plant some onions there. They seem to be sprouting, but I don’t know if they look healthy. They might not last long at this rate.

Hopefully I Can Keep My Plants Alive

There’s a massive heat wave happening right now, and the temperatures are ridiculously hot. Although I water my plants regularly, I worry that the heat will prove too much for the little sprouts. Here’s hoping that they can beat the heat and produce some fun food and flowers this year.