Sometimes Things Don’t Pan Out

stacked dandelion first attempt

So I was really hoping I could get a whole wheat artisan sourdough recipe up on my bread blog this week. I baked lots of bread. Tweaked the recipe multiple times. And did everything I could to get it just right.

But my bread still didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it.

I over proofed it. I didn’t score it as nicely as I could. And I’m still figuring out the best timing to get maximum oven spring and a good crumb.

I Tried Hard

I really did.

But sometimes things just don’t pan out. I feel like I’m close to creating a great recipe, though I’m not there yet. So, I’m delaying this week’s bread post until I can get it right.

That’s the fun thing about running a small bread blog, and not a big one. I can delay my recipe releases indefinitely, and it won’t affect too many people.

Honestly, I’d rather release a really good recipe a week or two late than share a mediocre recipe that I didn’t enjoy making at all.

On a Slightly Unrelated Note

In case you were wondering what’s up with the dandelion pic, it’s my first attempt at focus stacking. I’m still learning how my new camera works, and I don’t know a lot about macro photography.

But I read a little tutorial on photo focus stacking, and it was pretty awesome.

I was able to take multiple slightly blurry photos and smoosh them together into one awesome, slightly less blurry photo. There are still sections of the photo that weren’t sharp because I don’t know what I’m doing. But I had a lot of fun trying it anyway.

I figured this photo was a lot like my bread baking, in a way. I don’t know what I’m doing. Some things don’t look like they should. I still have a lot to learn.

But it’s a baby step in the right direction.

See You Soon

I’ll keep sharing random stuff here on my personal blog. And I’ll keep you posted about when my next bread recipe will come out. Don’t worry – I won’t make you wait too long. Until then, maybe take a few moments to enjoy the dandelions this spring.