The Bees are Finally Buzzing

  • honeybee on pink flower by jennibee photography
  • bee butt photo by jennibee photography

I love taking pictures of bees, especially during the spring when the flowers are blooming like crazy.

Here are some of my latest bee pictures. The above two photos I took with my Google Pixel 3a camera equipped with a Xenvo Macro lens.

The rest of these blurry pictures I took with my Canon Eos Rebel and a 75-300mm lens that came with my camera. I know the DSLR photos aren’t as sharp and clear as the phone photos, but that’s because I’m still learning how to use my camera and I don’t fully understand all its features.

I hope you enjoy them all anyway.

  • honeybee photo by jennibee photography
  • honeybee photo by jennibee photography
  • honeybee photo by jennibee photography
  • ladybug photo by jennibee photography
  • honeybee photo by jennibee photography

I hope to eventually get a fancy 100mm lens so I can take better macro photos, but a new lens is expensive! I’m still learning how to use what I have, so I this is what I’ve got so far. Hopefully, I can improve over the next few months and can share some great pictures of nature with you this spring and summer season.


Alrighty, so in case you’re new to my blog and I don’t understand the whole bee thing, let me explain. I initially called my site JenniBeeMINE for a few different reasons:

  • First because my name is Jenni Bringhurst. I didn’t want my site to be because that just seemed silly. So I shortened it to Jenni B. However, Jenni B seemed vague, so it evolved into JenniBee.
  • Second because at the time of my name-choosing, I’m pretty sure it was close to Valentine’s day. I kept hearing the phrase “Be Mine” all day. Jenni Be Mine felt kind of like a cute little valentine, and I still had that Bee in there, so the phrase kind of mushed together.
  • Third because in the last few years I discovered just how friendly bees are. They really don’t seem to mind if I shove a camera lens right next to their butt. They don’t sting or bite like wasps, and they’re quite pretty up close – so they became kind of my photography muse.

And honestly, bees are just awesome. And I love them. So I’ll keep taking their pictures.