You Should Try This Whole Wheat Artisan Sourdough Bread

Alrighty. I know you’ve been waiting a long time for this.

And it’s finally here.

Just look at this gorgeous loaf! This 100% whole wheat artisan-style sourdough bread took me a long time to perfect. Over the past year I’ve been experimenting with 100% whole wheat, but each time the recipe came out dense or flat or unsatisfying.

So I made my own.

100 percent whole wheat artisan sourdough bread

It took me a lot of tweaking and adjusting. I changed rise times. Bumped up the hydration. Lowered the levain. I basically did everything I knew how to ensure that crumb was open enough to make the loaf light and fluffy, but not so open that your sandwich fixings would fall through.

And I finally nailed it.

I’m bragging about it here because not a lot of people would understand just how much work it was to make my own recipe. I’ve tried a LOT of other recipes that I’ve found online in places like Google and Reddit, and NONE of them were right for me.

So now that it’s finally here, I can rest and enjoy my bread.

Did You Try It?

I really hope you go on over to my bread blog and give my recipe a look over. I worked hard to give step-by-step instructions with pictures so even beginning bakers could make the recipe. I know it takes time to make a good loaf, but I have to say that it’s totally worth it.

If you do try it, could you let me know? A little comment goes a long way. I love hearing about your experiences, and your feedback could make my recipe even better.

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