Back With Simple Honey Oat Sandwich Bread

It’s a brand new year, and I am back from my hiatus! Well, sort of. I worked on a few posts during my hiatus so I’d have some ready-made content. I figured I should have something on hand in case I was too tired to write anything. One of the posts I prepared in advance was this Simple Honey Oat Sandwich Bread recipe.

This lovely loaf began as an experiment to incorporate more oats into my diet. Oats are tasty and full of fiber, but I haven’t made a lot of bread with this key ingredient just yet. My initial oat loaf was a bit dense and dry, but after some tweaking, I created something I could feel proud sharing with you.

Simple Honey Oat Sandwich Bread

More Bread in the Future

Simple Honey Oat Sandwich Bread is just one of the bread posts I have planned for this new year. I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with quick breads and sourdough loaves, and I always find new ways to freshen old recipes.

Of course, I don’t have nearly as much time as I used to prior to my newborn. I will keep baking between diaper changes and nursing, but I might not be able to post as consistently as I’d like. Don’t worry, however. I’m not giving up entirely – I’m just slowing down to accommodate a new schedule. I’m sure things will pick up once I’ve got a better handle on things.

Did You Try It?

If you want to try my Simple Honey Oat Sandwich Bread recipe, head on over to I share step-by-step instructions on my blog, along with photos of actual food to make things as easy as possible for beginning bakers and practiced chefs alike.

If you do try my recipe, don’t forget to leave a star rating. Or, if you have suggestions, feel free to leave feedback in the comments on ways I can improve. Your engagement help keeps my site running.

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