Beginner Light Rye Sandwich Bread Recipe

I’m at it again!

Here’s my latest bread recipe, a fluffy and light rye sandwich bread.

I made it a goal this year to try new flours, and rye flour was the first one to try. I’m so happy I did. Rye bread has become a delicious staple in our house now, and I make it with flour that I milled myself.

I’ve been tinkering with a white and wheat and rye artisan sourdough bread lately, so if you liked this recipe, be sure to follow me @breadbythehour or regularly stop by my blog to see my latest breadventures.

Although I’m not perfect at posting, I typically share a savory recipe followed by a sweet followed by a sour. And then I take a bread with some baking tips. Assuming my rye sourdough recipe turns out on time, you can expect my next sourdough recipe on Mar. 15 (and a sweet recipe on Mar. 8).

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