I’ve Been Drawing Super Heroes

I’ve been in a super mood lately.

And by super, I mean both happy and heroic.

I’ve made some fun goals for myself. I’ve been exercising more, so my energy levels have been up. And I’ve been trying lots of fun new recipes for my blog. And I’ve been reading some good books lately, and generally living a good life despite all the craziness out there.

And, of course, I’ve been watching WandaVision on DisneyPlus.

The show’s been a lot of fun – I love how each episode has a different time period in film, and the characters are just so charming and delightful.

I figured I would just go ahead and draw a comic-book style Scarlet Witch, just because she’s great.

scarlet witch by jennibeedoodles

Yeah, that’s right. I went ahead and added those little comic-book screen toner dot things. Even though you can’t really see them when you zoom out, I know they’re there, and it makes me happy.

And while I’m talking about super heroes, I figured I should go ahead and throw this little doodle of Spider-Man your way.

I drew him for Valentine’s day, and I based him off the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man because he’s my favorite. I know I shared him on my Instagram account already, but I know not everyone follows me @jennibeedoodles, so here he is just for you.

I feel kind of proud of this one because I kept it fairly simple. And I’m proud that he turned out so well because I really struggle to draw guys. I just don’t know what to do with them – their head shapes are different and their hair is so short.

But yay for progress!

I’m getting there.