I’m Moving My Tomatoes: Will They Survive?

happy tomato plant. moving my tomatoes.

Remember how last week my garden sprouted?

Well this week, it’s thriving!

In fact, I’m a little bit surprised at how well the tomatoes are doing. I honestly wasn’t expecting all of them to sprout, and not only did they sprout, they’re growing super fast. In a few weeks, they will be too big and too cramped to fit in my planter any more.

So I have a choice: moving my tomatoes to another container or culling my garden and keeping the biggest, healthiest looking plant in the center.

I’m Giving Some Garden Bags a Try

droopy tomato plant. moving my tomatoes.

I don’t have the heart to kill my plants, so I’m giving these Gordita Garden Bags a try. I’m moving my tomatoes over to these bags and hoping for the best.

These bags are quite deep, definitely big enough for a healthy tomato plant. In fact, they also have a window on the side, so they could potentially grow bigger plants like potatoes and you could check on your potatoes without disturbing the plants. I also like that these bags have handles so I could move my plants around my back yard, and at the end of the season, I can dump out the dirt and fold up the bags for storage.

I’ve moved one little plant so far. However, I need to buy some more garden soil to fill up the other bags. The little plant seems a bit droopy and unhappy.

I don’t know how long it’s going to last.

But I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best. As soon as I pick up more dirt this weekend, I’ll transplant the others and see what happens.

Here’s Hoping They Live!

I’m really hoping my tomato adapts to its new home and that it grows up happy. If all my tomato sprouts transfer well, then I’ll have a LOT of tomatoes to harvest later this year.

If the poor little tomatoes don’t make it, at least I’ll still have the big tomatoes doing well in their planters. So I guess it’ll be a roundabout kind of culling. Not what I want, but I guess we’ll see how things go.

I’ll keep you posted on whether these garden bags do well.

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