I’m Sharing Amish Friendship Cinnamon Bread With You

Way back in the early years of my marriage, I hadn’t the foggiest idea how to make bread. I tried lots of different recipes, but they all ended up as weird, under baked, oddly shaped loaves. One of the kind ladies in my neighborhood left me a starter for Amish friendship cinnamon bread along with some basic instructions for baking a loaf.

The resulting loaf blew my mind.

Great for Beginners

Not only was this dessert bread super tasty, but it was easy to make, even for someone as inexperienced as me. All I needed to do was stir a few ingredients together, pop them in the oven, and enjoy my bread.

Furthermore, the starter was easy to maintain – just mix and mash. No need to time things. Everything I needed to know was right on the bag where I could follow it without any mess or fuss.

Now, more than a decade later, I get to make this bread with my daughter, and it’s simple that even she can follow along with the instructions.

amish friendship cinnamon bread

I Rediscovered the Original Recipe

I loved the original Amish friendship cinnamon bread from my neighbor so much that I shared it with my friends and family on my blog – not my Breadbythehour.com blog. My first ever JennibeeMine blog had the recipe for a while, until my site crashed and I lost it.

However, I recently rediscovered the original recipe in a folder on my computer, and I thought I would give it another try to see if the bread compared to my memories. Oh the nostalgia! The loaf not only held up over the years, it exceeded my expectations. Now it’s back in my baking rotation, and I have lots of fun gifting loaves and muffins to neighbors.

Because I like keeping all my bread recipes in one place, I’m sharing my Amish friendship cinnamon bread on my bread blog rather than here. Feel free to hop on over to my other blog if you want to give the recipe a go.

Did You Try It?

I love it when friends and family try my recipes. If you enjoyed my Amish friendship cinnamon bread recipe, please let me know by giving it a star review or sharing your feedback in the comment section. Your input not only makes my day, but it keeps my site visible in search engines so other people can see my recipes, too.

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