Let’s Make Amish Double Chocolate Chip Bread Together

Two weeks ago I shared one of my earliest bread recipes from before my site crashed: Amish Friendship Cinnamon Bread. It was one of my favorites, and I was happy I could find the recipe tucked away in one of my folders. The recipe later inspired Amish Friendship Cinnamon Muffins, and I couldn’t be happier with how those turned out as well.

This week, I thought I’d share a new twist on my old favorite: Amish Double Chocolate Chip Bread.

With its chocolate base and a sprinkling of chocolate chips, this loaf is more dessert than bread. It’s fast, fun, and easy to make. Better still, it incredibly versatile because I can turn it into muffins, cake, and cupcakes if I’m in the mood.

amish double chocolate chip bread

Two Dessert Breads in a Row?

I’m not sure if you follow my BreadBytheHour.com site, but if you are a regular reader, you may have noticed that I tend to follow a pattern with my postings. When I can help it, I start with a savory recipe, then a sweet one, and then a sour one. This order helps me keep my recipes balanced. The variety ensures I don’t have too many similar breads in my queue.

Since my last recipe was sweet, it might seem out of place for me to do yet another dessert bread. However, I do have two small justifications for sharing my Amish Double Chocolate Chip bread.

First, this loaf uses an Amish Friendship Starter that I build up over the course of 10 days (or more). The starter involves regular feedings and mixings, just like any other sourdough. Therefore, my loaf counts as a sourdough loaf, even if it’s sweet enough to be considered cake.

The second reason for sharing a second friendship loaf so close to the first? I simply had too much starter! Friendship bread is meant to be shared, but I can only give away so much before my neighbors get sick of the baking. I wanted to use up all my starter before my baby came so I wouldn’t have to worry about making bread on top of caring for a newborn.

Did You Try It?

I love it when my friends and family try my recipes – your feedback makes my entire day and adds a skip in my step. If you tried my Amish Double Chocolate Chip bread and enjoyed it, please share your experiences in the comment sections. Ratings and reviews help my recipes circulate on the Internet, so the more you talk about my bread, the more people who will ultimately see, try, and enjoy what I create.

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