New Item in Shop: Mushroom Necklace

Another one done! Here’s a cute little mushroom that you can love and show off to all your friends. Heck, you could even buy your friends a few matching mushroom necklaces and make it a symbol of your secret club.

If you want to buy this cute little mushroom necklace, you can purchase it on Etsy or here on my blog shop.

Does this mushroom look familiar? That’s because it’s the other half of the avocado pit I used to make this mushroom necklace. I really enjoy making twin necklaces – they make for great friendship gifts.

Anyways, I’m officially caught up with all my newly created avocado pit necklaces. Everything is listed and ready to go for my Thanksgiving sale. I’ll be having a sale both here on my blog and on my Etsy store, so check back if you want to find a great deal on handmade Christmas gifts.