New Item in Shop: Dark Whale Necklace

Whale. . . I’m at it again. Get it? Whale?

Yeah, the pun is bad. But at least the necklace is cute!

This dark whale is available to purchase on Etsy or you can buy it here in my shop. Keep in mind that I’ll be doing some sales in the future, so if you want to gift it to a family member, you better buy it quick!

Animal carvings are so much fun, and I think this dark whale turned out so nicely. I was really surprised at how dark this particular avocado pit turned after it dried. It turned my cheerful happy whale into something a little more mysterious and mystical.

I’m still learning to carve, so I tend to keep my ideas a little simple. But I love to try new things. Do you have any recommendations for what I should carve next? Let me know!


This cute little necklace found a home during my Thanksgiving sale! But if you want a similar necklace, let me know and I’ll try to make one for you.