New Necklace in Shop: Double Spiral Swirl

Alrighty! I’m on a roll these days – so many necklaces to list and to sell. I love this one so much that I’ll be a little sad to see it go.

It’s available to purchase on Etsy and here on my blog shop.

This necklace kind of reminds me of the heart of tefiti from Moana. I didn’t actually pattern it after that, and I know the heart has a lot more detail. But the double swirly spiral pattern is just so soothing and oceanic that it gives me the same vibes.

I also love the soft gradient of colors on this necklace. The warm oranges fading to darker reds and browns are so fun and eye catching.

Anyways, there’s more necklaces to come! So keep checking back to see my latest stuff.


This necklace sold during my September back to School Sale in 2021. If you want a necklace like this one, feel free to message me via my contact form.

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