Poison Mushroom Necklace with Garnets

Has it really been more than two years since I’ve last shared a necklace with you? It’s crazy how quickly time flies. Today I wanted to share with you something I carved sometime last year: a poison mushroom necklace with garnet stones for spots.

I finished the necklace months ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take pictures and list it in my shop until now. If you feel interested, check out the necklace on My Blog Shop or in my Etsy store.

My Hobbies Ebb and Flow

My Etsy shop is still alive, although I’ve definitely slowed on my carving. For a while, I thought I’d shake things up and carve rings with a ring-carving set I purchased on Amazon. Avocado pit rings sounded unique and fun, and I figured the variation would bring more visitors to my shop.

However, I quickly learned that hand-carving rings takes a long time. I have so little free time to dedicate to personal pursuits that I took a break from carving altogether.

At about this same time last year, I thought I’d pick up carving again when I purchased a cordless rotary tool. I loved how much easier it was to work with, and I envisioned carving in all sorts of places thanks to its small size. But not long after, my energy levels dropped to an all-time low during my pregnancy.

Poison mushroom necklace with red garnets

I Hope to Carve More Soon

I’m still adjusting to my new schedule with my baby boy, and I can never quite find enough time to do all the things I want to do. I hope I can carve more necklaces and share my latest creations with you this year. However, I’m setting my expectation bar low this year and cutting myself some slack. This poison mushroom necklace with garnets might be one of a handful of items I put in my store.

But just because I set my hobbies aside for a time doesn’t mean I’m giving them up entirely. I tend to follow a pattern that repeats over the years. You can bet that more necklaces will be on their way eventually.

Want Your Own Unique Necklace?

I do love how this little poison mushroom necklace with garnets turned out – and if this necklace sells quickly, it might push me toward making more like it. Each avocado pit has its own unique pattern, so every necklace I make is a little bit different. If you want one similar, feel free to shoot me a message via my contact me page and I’d be happy to work with you on your order.

*Note: I am an Amazon associate and receive a small commission for purchases made via affiliate links. I am not paid for recommending specific products – my opinions remain my own.

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