New Item in Shop: Fire Nation Necklace

“But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked. . .”

Yep. I made one. I made a fire nation necklace, and it is now available to purchase on Etsy as well as here on my blog shop.

I love love love the Avatar: Last Airbender series. I still have fond memories of waiting for new episodes to come out in college. I think the animation, storytelling, and dialogue are all just wonderful and perfect.

And, of course, I love the Legend of Korra sequel series, too. It’s all gorgeous. I’m so excited for my daughter to grow up watching these characters and having strong female role models to look up to.

If this little fire nation necklace does well, I’ll probably make the other nations as well. Can’t leave things unbalanced – I need water, earth, and air in my collection, too.


This necklace sold during my December sale. If you want one like it, you can commission me to make a similar one for you. All of my necklaces are unique, however, so expect some color differences. Contact me for more details.

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