Satin Smooth and Oh So Soft

I know I make a lot of sourdough bread recipes – but I’m pretty sure this one takes the cake, so to speak.

Satin smooth and oh so soft, this sourdough sandwich bread has just the barest tang of sourdough starter and it’s like cutting into a cloud. I love it – I make it regularly. In fact, I’m baking some right now.

If you want to make it, head on over to my bread blog, and check out my Satin Smooth Sourdough Sandwich Bread.

Just as a heads up, this will likely be my last bread post for the year. I’m going to take a break from blogging about bread during December because of the holidays. I have lots of birthdays happening this month, as well as Christmas vacation, of course. I’d like to use that time enjoying presents with my loved ones rather than taking pictures of bread.

I’ll be back to baking next year, though! I’ll use my break to gather a bunch of fun recipes and ingredients, and I’ll be ready to keep sending more recipes your way soon.

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