Try My 75% Whole Wheat Bread

Hey there, friends! I’m back this week with a fresh new bread recipe: same-day artisan-style 75% whole wheat bread.

It’s been a while since I’ve had time and energy to bake things, so I’m kind of proud of this recipe. I’m actually pregnant right now, and for a few months, I couldn’t bring myself to make anything at all (my poor husband ended up doing all the cooking). I’m feeling much better at the moment, and I’m hoping I can get back in the groove before I take a hiatus for my baby.

same-day artisan-style 85% whole wheat bread

A No-Fuss Recipe

This loaf is a great choice for beginning bakers who want to try their hand at making wheat bread. Wheat bread can be notoriously stiff and difficult to work with, but by following the same techniques and timing used in my all-purpose same-day loaf, you can make beautiful bread without the hassle.

If you love baking bread, feel free to browse the rest of my recipe blog I’ve got lots of recipes like this one with step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos to walk you through the creation process.

Keep an Eye Out for More

Worried about my pregnancy hiatus?

Don’t be!

Even though I’ve slowed how often I post on both my blogs, I still haven’t given up on them entirely. I still have lots of recipes to try and share with you. Once my baby is here, I may have to take a break, but as soon as I’m feeling good and ready, I’ll be back with more fun content, recommendations, and projects. You can expect more tasty loaves like the one above and drool-worthy photos in the future.

You can help me make great content as well by sending me a message through my Contact Me page. I’d love to hear your ideas for new recipes to try, photos to take, and art to draw.

Did You Try It?

I can’t wait for you to try my latest bread recipe. If you enjoyed it, feel free to pin it on Pinterest or share the link on Facebook with your friends and family so the word gets out. Don’t forget to leave a star rating if you want to support my site. I also appreciate comments, suggestions, and feedback because there’s always room for improvement.

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