Try Sourdough Discard Carrot Bread for Easter

How is it March already? I feel like this year is zipping on by faster than I can comprehend. Funnily enough, I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that Easter falls at the end of March this year. I feel like Easter should be firmly set in April. It doesn’t seem right to have so many odd holidays crammed into the same month. Only December should be the magical exception to the rule.

Anyways, for Easter this year, I thought I’d keep to the theme of rebirth. As part of that theme, I transformed an old favorite recipe into a new one. I have a delightful spiced carrot pecan bread that I shared a while back, and it has been reborn as a sourdough loaf. If you’re interested, please hop on over to to see my latest sourdough discard carrot cake bread.

It’s a Piece of Cake

sourdough discard carrot cake bread

I feel like a lot of quick breads blur the lines between bread and cake. What’s the difference between carrot cake bread and carrot cake? They both have cream cheese frosting. They both bake in your typical loaf pan. And they both make for phenomenal desserts.

My sourdough discard carrot cake bread is a great way to use up too much starter. As with my other discard quick breads, it’s so sweet that you almost can’t taste the sour unless you’re looking for it and love it. It’s kind of a fun favor to surprise your friends and family with – just ask them if they can taste it.

Better still, this dessert is crazy easy to make. All you have to do is dump everything together in a bowl, pour it into the pan, and then pop it in the oven. No need to wait for it to rise. The longest part of the process is the baking time.

Did You Try It?

I love it when my friends and family try my latest recipes. Comments and feedback help transform my recipes into even better ones, and your encouraging words remind me why I run my blog in the first place – to help people find the magic in new experiences.

If you do try my sourdough discard carrot cake bread, please leave me a star review or share the post through social media. The more you spread the word, the more my fellow amateur bakers can find and enjoy my recipes.

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