New Item in Shop: Spotted Necklace

Sometimes I wait a long time before I can decide what to do with an avocado pit. Inspiration doesn’t always hit in the same way, and sometimes it doesn’t come at all.

But lucky for me, sometimes cute things happen anyway.

This little avocado pit dried with its own unique spotted pattern, like a ladybug. For a moment, I considered carving a ladybug’s features into the necklace, but then I realized that I would probably carve away the very spots that make it so cute and special.

This unique spotted necklace is available to purchase from Etsy or you can buy it from my blog shop. No matter which shop you choose, I’ll ship it to you for free if you live in the US.

And if you buy it before March 31, you can take home this necklace for 15% off because of my St. Patrick’s Day sale. I know St. Patrick’s day is over, but my March sale will run until the end of the month. If you like it, don’t wait to buy!

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