Easing into Drawing Again

Last May for Mother’s Day, my husband bought me an iPad with an Apple Pencil. I used to draw almost daily with it.

But lately my drawing has tapered off a bit. My daughter keeps stealing my iPad to play her own games and I often let her because I don’t feel particularly inspired. I often compare myself to my husband (who’s an awesome artist) and all the other Instagram artists out there, and it makes me wonder, “what’s the point?”

However, I need to remind myself that the point isn’t to create perfect art. Doodles and sketches can just be a way to unwind and have fun. Drawing is something I want to develop more, and I can’t do that if I don’t draw.

So I’m trying to get back in the habit, and here’s what I drew the other day.

I’m still developing my own unique drawing style, and I kind of like how soft and sketchy this one turned out.

I know there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on right now, and I realized that drawing helps me process it. It’s kind of therapeutic for me, though I wish it could help others cope with things too somehow.

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