I Made a 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf

Don’t you just love it when things seem to come together naturally?

I do.

I made this recipe over the weekend. I just improvised it. No tweaking with it for weeks. No testing and trying and experimenting with the loaf and wondering where it needs improvement.

Just awesome bread, right from the beginning.

If you want to see just how awesome my Classic 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread recipe, just hop on over to my other blog BreadbytheHour.com.

classic 100 whole wheat sandwich bread

Seriously, I’m really happy with how this loaf turned out.

I’ve tried other whole wheat recipes before, and they were just too dense and too dark for my liking. I grew up with white bread, and didn’t like wheat bread until I was much older.

When I made this recipe, I wanted something that was soft and light and fluffy, like white bread. And I wanted something with a neutral flavor, so I could use it to make sandwiches without detracting from my sandwich fixings.

Because I wanted something subtle and soft, I kept the sugar to a minimum so it wasn’t too sweet. And I kept the salt fairly low, so it wasn’t too savory. I suppose if I wanted to lean in either direction, I could easily add more sugar or add some seasonings to make the bread the star of the sandwich show. But really, I just love the simplicity on this one.

Even my daughter asked for more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this morning. And she ate her crusts. Just another testament to how good it is.

Did You Try It?

I love it when friends and family try my recipes. So if you do like my recipe, let me know! Your comments make my entire week, and I’m just a happy ray of sunshine whenever it happens.