I’m Excited for St. Patrick’s Day

Can you believe that St. Patrick’s Day is just two weeks away?

I know I’m having a green shirt sale in my shop, but I thought it was time to get in the spirit of the holiday by drawing something fun.

So I drew this little redhead girl, and I love how she turned out.

This drawing actually started out as pose practice with a model from Pinterest. The model had some amazing curly hair that I really wanted to capture. But from there, I changed the expression, the face, the coloring – pretty much everything to make it my own.

Here’s the lineart for my doodle, in case you were interested. Or maybe if you wanted to color it yourself.

lineart of girl by jennibeedoodles

As you can see, my style shifted a bit again. It jumped back in time quite a bit as far as my line art goes – the eyes and the face in particular are reminiscent of how I used to doodle faces. I’m not sure why I made the jump for this drawing, it just sort of happened.

But I do like how my coloring has progressed. I’m really happy with how her hair and freckles turned out.

Do You Have St. Patrick’s Day Plans?

I love St. Patrick’s day – it’s so fun and festive. Our plans typically vary from year to year, but I’m loosely thinking we might make Irish Nachos, even though they’re not exactly Irish.

What are your plans? Do you celebrate the holiday? Or do you have a different favorite day? Feel free to comment below!