New Item in Shop: Mushroom Necklace

I’m so close to being completely caught up on new listings! I have a few older listings that could use an update with the photos before I share them here on my blog shop, but as far as new listings go, I have just one left after this!

If you like this little mushroom, or any of its brother and sister mushrooms, you can purchase it on Etsy or here at my blog shop.

This cute little mushroom may be a little lop-sided, but I find it loveable and endearing. I love the dark rich color that it developed on the top and the lighter color underneath. It almost looks like I burned it to get that color, but nope! It’s just part of the natural drying process.


This little mushroom sold during my December 2020 sale. If you like it, check out my other mushroom necklaces in my shop or commission me to make one for you via my contact me page.