New Item in Shop: Spiral Necklace

I have such a backlog of necklaces! When will they end? Will they ever end? I just keep making more!

Anyways, in case you were wondering, this new spiral necklace is now available to purchase on Etsy as well as here at my blog shop.

I love spirals. I mean I love them. They are so fun to carve. They just swirl around under my knife and then they smooth out so beautifully.

This particular spiral is a little bit different from my other carvings in that it was intentionally left lop-sided. The avocado pit was naturally lop-sided, and I could have sanded it down for an even necklace. But the artist in me just screamed, “make it a spiral,” and its shape just felt so right for it.

Do you love spirals? Or do they make you dizzy? Dizzy in a good way? I dunno what I’m writing anymore. I think I’ve been looking at spirals too long.

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