Do You Use the Float Test to Bake Sourdough?

I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again: I bake a lot of sourdough.

But it seems that even with all my practice and knowledge, I still find new things and new information that change my perspective on how I cook.

This week, I dug into a question that I’ve had for a while: does the float test actually work?

does the float test work with sourdough

I Learned a Lot

I don’t use the float test often with my baking, but I have done it whenever I stumbled across a recipe that recommended using it. So this week I did a little searching and found out whether the float test is a reliable method for making open-crumb sourdough and similar breads.

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If you have a sourdough starter that you want to use, don’t forget to check out my sourdough discard recipes section. These recipes don’t require the float test to determine if your starter is ready to bake. Rather, they work great with starters of all maturities, including fed, unfed, and discard. In addition to several popular bread recipes, you’ll find unique ways of using your starter, including pancakes, muffins, cookies, and more.

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