New Item in Shop: Mushroom

I never get tired of carving mushrooms. They always turn out so differently, and even when they’re lop-side, they’re still cute.

This cute little mushroom necklace is now available on Etsy and on my blog shop. Feel free to check it out – maybe buy as a little gift for yourself.

In case you were wondering why this particular mushroom is a little lop-sided, it’s because I actually tried to carve it as a matching mushroom necklace set. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll sell them together eventually, but for now, this little one is ready to find a home.

I have a few more mushroom necklaces waiting in my queue, but I still have to take their pictures. Even though I carved several, each of them are different and have their own unique colors and patterns. No need to worry about ever having a duplicate necklace, as avocado pits are all unique, like a thumbprint.


This necklace has found a home. If you want one like it, reach out to me through my Contact Me page.

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