skillet pepperoni pizza

Ultimate Skillet Pizza

I made skillet pizza this week and it is definitely a classic family favorite. I love all the different ways you can customize this pizza to fit your mood.

ladybug laying eggs on tree trunk photo by jennibee photography

Adventures With a Ladybug

I think ladybugs are just adorable and I love to count their spots. I've found a few ladybugs on my latest walking adventures and want to share them with you.

honeybee on pink flower by jennibee photography

The Bees are Finally Buzzing

Ready for some bee photos? I'm sure you are. Bees are awesome, even when they're slightly blurry because I don't fully know how to use my camera yet.

art by jennibeedoodles

Some Expression Practice

I drew something! I used a Pinterest model or two as a reference, and then I went from there with the expressions. I'm not happy with everything, but I'm glad I finished these.